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Reasons To Get A Criminal Defense Attorney When There's A Warrant For Your Arrest

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Reasons To Get a Criminal Defense Attorney When There's a Warrant for Your Arrest

As soon as an arrest warrant or a bench warrant gets issued against you, the most important thing to do is take action and consult a criminal defense attorney. Otherwise, knowing that you can get arrested at any time may cause extreme anxiety.

A criminal defense attorney has a deep understanding of the laws in your state; hence they'll know how to handle the warrant and advise you accordingly on how to proceed. The following are more reasons why you should hire a local attorney.

1. They Advise You on Your Alternatives

You can contact the court and make arrangements other than going to jail if your city has a warrant for your arrest. Such arrangements include:

  • The court might offer you an arraignment instead of custody.

  • The court might also schedule a hearing before you get arrested.

For example, if you owe money for a ticket, you can make payments or request a deferred disposition. This way, you are eligible for probation which does not go to your permanent record, instead of jail.

2. They Help You Contact the Bondsperson

A criminal defense attorney and the bondsperson can determine your bond before you turn yourself in, allowing you to post bail immediately after being taken into custody. This means that you'll be processed and released swiftly, hence minimal time in jail. They also recommend the best times of the day to turn yourself in to improve your chances of a quicker release.

3. They Protect Your Rights

If you want to turn yourself in, you'll want a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. The police, for example, might attempt to interrogate you to gather more evidence against you. A criminal defense lawyer ensures that you don't say or do anything that will self-incriminate. 

They also ensure that the jail staff respects your rights. Your lawyer also advises you to be careful of what you say to other inmates or when using a telephone in the police station or jail, as they can use the statements against you.

4. They Represent You in Court

Since the criminal defense lawyer is present during your arrest and police questioning, they use their skills and experience to build a strong defense to dismiss your charges or reduce them to a less serious offense with less punishment.


If you or a family member have an active warrant for your arrest, you should immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer. They will help protect your legal rights and save you jail time inconveniences. Get in touch with a local attorney today.