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2 Defense Strategies Your Drug Crimes Attorney Can Use To Defend You

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If you get arrested for drug charges, hire a drug crimes lawyer to fight to keep you out of jail. The lawyers should collect evidence and gather witnesses to support their claims. They should also debunk the prosecutor's accusations. Most importantly, the lawyers should have a foolproof defense strategy.

Expert drug crime attorneys know different strategies to defend their clients. The attorneys will choose and build the best defense strategy based on your case.

Here are two of the best defense strategies your lawyers can use. 

1. Constructive Possession

One of the best strategies your drug crimes attorneys can use to defend you in court is constructive possession defense. This defense is exceptionally viable if other people accessed the drugs during your arrest.

If you get arrested in a house or public place where other people have easy, reasonable, and unregulated drug access, your defense lawyer can claim you don't own the drugs. The drug crimes attorneys can argue the police planted the drugs to incriminate you, and they could belong to anyone who had access to them.

The constructive possession defense strategy is one of the most effective strategies. A jury or judge can only convict you of drug charges if the police prove the drugs belong to you.

Your drug crimes attorneys will scour the arrest scene to build a case around constructive possession.

2. Motion To Dismiss Confidential Informant

A drug crime case is only as strong as the evidence presented in court and the accuracy of the witnesses. If your attorneys cannot dismiss the evidence the police have against you, they can convince the jury that the witness is untrustworthy.

Sometimes, the prosecution offers lenient jail terms to convicts who can testify against people charged with drug crimes. If the witnesses in your case are in this category, the drug crime attorneys can prove that the prosecution offered the witnesses incentives to testify against you.

Your lawyers can also provide evidence to show that the prosecution used bribes to convince the witnesses.

With enough evidence to justify their claims, your drug crimes lawyer can convince the jury to dismiss the charges against you.

  • Plausible evidence in such cases includes:
  • Legally signed paperwork showing the offer for lesser jail terms
  • Paper evidence showing monetary or material bribes
  • Pictures of the prosecution bribing or coercing the witnesses

Such evidence can help your lawyers build a solid case to dismiss the drug charges against you.