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Strategies a Marijuana Defense Attorney Can Use for Clients

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Whether you use marijuana sparingly or a lot, you may end up in a situation where you've been charged with possession of drugs. This is one type of criminal act that you probably don't want to be dealing with legally. If you hire a marijuana defense attorney, they can defend you in a couple of ways.

Show That an Unlawful Search Was Performed

Some officers fail to read people their rights when looking for drugs or just try shifting the law to help them get a conviction. This typically happens in the form of unlawful searches. If you believe this is the reason you got caught for having some marijuana, you should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney.

They can use this unlawful search to have the case thrown out completely. If the officer didn't follow protocol when searching for marijuana, you shouldn't have to suffer penalties.

Prove It's for Medical Purposes

A lot of people have certain conditions that benefit from the use of marijuana. This substance is considered medical-grade, and sometimes doctors will prescribe it to their patients. If you have this type of prescription, you can't get charged with having possession of drugs. If you do, you need to hire a marijuana defense attorney immediately to make sure the charge doesn't go through. They'll be able to show what condition you have and how medical marijuana treats it. They can also show proof through documentation, highlighting your need for medical marijuana.

Minimize Damage By Claiming the Drugs Aren't Yours

Sometimes people get pulled over for having marijuana when it belongs to someone else. A friend may have accidentally left it in the backseat or side compartment without your knowledge of it being there. You shouldn't have to receive a huge penalty for this and you may not have to if you discuss your options with a marijuana defense attorney.

They can prove that the marijuana isn't yours by tracing it back to the source. That's going to significantly help you out when it comes to defending against a possession of drugs charge. Your punishment probably won't be as severe, and you may not even be charged at all.

Having marijuana and being charged for possession of it is something you need to handle carefully. You'll have better odds leaning in the direction of a good outcome when you consult with a marijuana attorney who is experienced on these matters and their consequences.