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2 Things To Do When Charged With Multiple DWI

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Being charged with a single DWI is one thing, but when you're facing multiple DWI charges, your situation will be much different. Unfortunately, with the court system as backed up with cases as it is, it can take months before you receive your court date and have to appear in front of a judge or magistrate. Many people don't fully grasp the severity of the first DWI because they haven't felt the legal repercussions yet – so, they continue to live life the way they did before the first DWI charge only to end up with another DWI. Here you'll find a little information to try to lessen the impact of being charged with multiple DWIs.

Get a DWI Lawyer                                                                                                

Your case will be a bit complicated since you've been charged multiple times – things are very complicated when the charges are split between different counties or municipalities. When this happens, the courts may not be aware of the charges pending in the other areas, so you may be offered a plea, only to find out later that the plea is voided because you didn't make the court aware of the other pending charge.

The DWI lawyer will help you navigate the complicated system. He or she will work to find any errors that were made during your arrest and any information that can help you clear things up. If there's no way to clear up the issue completely, he or she may be able to work out a plea agreement and lessen the impact of the punishment you face.

Go for Treatment

Don't waste time – get yourself into some kind of treatment program immediately. Don't wait for the judge to order it – you will have to attend some sort of DWI treatment program after you've been found guilty of the multiple charges. If you take the initiative and check yourself into a rehab program or even begin attending an outpatient treatment program, the judge will see that you know that things have to change and that you cannot continue living your life the way that you were. This can go a long way in keeping you out of jail for these charges.

If you do these two things before you head to court, you'll be in a much better position to plea your way into a lesser punishment. Hopefully, everything will work out for you and you've learned an important lesson throughout this mess.