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Answers For Those Facing A DUI Charge

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When a person is stopped for driving under the influence, they will likely face criminal prosecution. While this is a serious offense to face, individuals rarely prepare themselves for this potential risk by becoming more informed about this particular criminal charge and the punishments it can bring.

Are There Consequences For Refusing To Undergo A Sobriety Test?

During a traffic stop where the police officer suspects that the driver is over the legal limit for intoxication, they may request the driver to undergo a sobriety test. This can be in the form of a field sobriety test or breathalyzer. Many states have regulations that can impose stiff penalties for individuals that refuse these tests. For example, individuals might find that their license is suspended or revoked and additional fines can be imposed. This may not seem fair, but there are stipulations requiring you to agree to these tests when you apply for a driver's license. As a result, you may be in breach of this agreement if you are refusing to submit to this test.

Will It Be Difficult To Get Your License Reinstated?

As part of the penalties for a DUI conviction, a person is likely to have their license revoked or suspended. In most instances, this can be reversed after a set period of time. Unfortunately, this can be extremely damaging to individuals' lives as they experience extreme difficulties with getting to work or performing other routine tasks. Depending on the facts surrounding your case, an attorney may be able to help lessen the length of this suspension or they may be able to delay it from going into effect so that you can have time to find other arrangements.

How Will A DUI Conviction Impact Your Insurance?

Following a DUI conviction, a person is likely to find that their auto insurance premiums experience a substantial increase. Furthermore, it is common for the courts to mandate that drivers that have recently been convicted of a DUI to have to carry an SR-22 policy. These are insurance policies that are geared towards drivers that are particularly high risk. Furthermore, the insurance carrier that issued one of these policies will notify the courts in the event that the policy is revoked.  

Drivers that are not well-informed about the consequences of being convicted of a DUI may be less likely to be prepared for facing this problem. When individuals appreciate that a DUI charge is a serious legal threat, they will be better prepared for defending themselves against this accusation. Contact a law firm, like Daniels Long & Pinsel, for more help.