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Choose A Professional Breathalyzer Over A Personal Use Version

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If you are frequently enjoying a night out on the town and are having drinks here and there, getting home can be difficult. You must never drive home while under the influence. If you need a reminder that you should not be drinking and driving, one option is to purchase a breathalyzer that will inform you of just how drunk you are. However, you will need to be selective in the breathalyzer that you purchase.

Types Of Breathalyzers

The two types of breathalyzers are professional and personal use breathalyzers. It used to be that personal breathalyzers were the most frequent kind used by those who are not working in law enforcement because of the higher price of the professional version. However, the cost of a professional breathalyzer has come down and it might make sense to purchase this type instead.

Why The Professionals Are Better

Professional breathalyzers can detect the blood-alcohol level of an individual with very high precision. Therefore, you will receive a much more accurate reading and will be less likely to expose yourself to the dangers of drunk driving with the professional version. The professional breathalyzers are fuel cell breathalyzers that produce consistent BAC results. They can detect alcohol at a 0.000-0.400% range. The breathalyzer also does not take as long to start and can perform multiple consecutive tests. This can be useful if you would like to test the BAC of your friends as well. 

Those who are on a low calorie diet or who are diabetic should purchase the professional breathalyzer. The personal use breathalyzers are can sometimes produce inaccurate results under these circumstances.

Look For FDA Approval

When purchasing a personal use breathalyzer, make sure that the version you purchase is approved by the FDA, otherwise, there is no guarantee that the breathalyzer is up to the standards where you know it would work. This is especially true when purchasing one online where you may be purchasing a breathalyzer from a place where the devices are not as tightly regulated.

Even though the professional breathalyzers are more expensive, if you are planing on using the breathalyzer for a long time, it is a better choice. The professional breathalyzers have a longer life than the personal ones.

While a breathalyzer can help you determine how high your blood alcohol content is, do not treat this is a sign that it is safe to drive. It is always better to take it safe and use a designated driver to avoid DUIs and potential injuries.