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The Case For Seeking An Interlock Device

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If you are being sentenced for a DUI, asking your judge for an interlock device can be a great way to keep from getting your license completely suspended. Here are some of the main draws of asking for an interlock device. 

Interlock Devices are Popular…

Interlock devices are well accepted by the public, with 69 and 88 percent of people agreeing that they are a safe solution for allowing people with DUI charges to stay on the road. Even MADD is in support of them. But what really matters is your judge's opinion; since there's no law stating they must give you the right to an interlock device, it can take some convincing. 

… But You'll Likely Need a Lawyer to Get One

Although many judges are willing to grant an interlock device, you will often need the help of a lawyer to negotiate for one. For one, by asking for an interlock device, you're essentially accepting that the DUI charge is correct, which can open you up to some other penalties if you're not smart about negotiating. Your lawyer will help to keep the DUI penalties low while also successfully negotiating for the interlock device. 

In order to show that you are a good candidate for the interlock device, your DUI attorney should help you to show that the car is a necessity. If you drive your children to school and live in a rural area where they couldn't easily take a bus, or you need the car to make it to work, this shows a level of necessity. Your past criminal record may come into play as well, so have your lawyer help you do damage control on any past criminal charges. 

Their Safety Relies on Good Behavior

If you are granted an interlock device, it can give you incentives for sober driving. The device will only function if you pass a breathalyzer test before you start the ignition. Your ignition lock will also administer a breathalyzer test at various intervals while you're driving to make sure that you're still sober. This can be a good push for those who want to retain their driver's license and who are struggling with sobriety. 

In short, an interlock device is a great option for maintaining your license and a level of personal functionality. Find an experienced DUI attorney to help you decide whether to pursue this option during your trial.