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4 Key Mistakes To Avoid In Your Criminal Case

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If you find yourself in trouble with the law, you need to make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent the case from spiraling out of control further. Trying to handle the case on your own could end up leading to more and more problems. When faced with a potential felony charge, you need to make sure you do everything you can to protect yourself. Don't make one of these mistakes in your criminal case.

Voluntarily Giving a Statement

Even though you aren't required to speak with the police officer, many people end up doing so. They give their statement without thinking about it. Whatever you do, don't say anything until you have the chance to speak with your lawyer first.

Letting the Police Search Your Home or Work

If the police officers come to your work or home and try to search through everything, you should tell them no. Unless the officers have the proper credentials and the necessary search warrants, they have no business being there in the first place. Read through the warrant and determine what they are allowed to search and what they aren't. You have the right to watch them as they search.

Taking a Polygraph Test

While you might think you are helping your case, you could end up making it worse by taking a polygraph test. Even though the results might say that you passed the test, the results cannot be used in court as proof of your innocence. You are simply wasting your time, so don't take the test.

Resisting Arrest

There are so many people who end up fighting the cops when they show up to arrest them. What do you think you are going to gain from fighting them in the first place? They are only going to use your resisting arrest against you in court. The best thing you can do is to cooperate with them as best you can.

By taking the time to follow the tips above, you can prevent yourself from making a crucial mistake in your criminal case. Criminal charges are a serious matter and need to be treated as such. Make sure you choose a marijuana defense attorney who is going to fight for your rights every step of the way. By having a trained and skilled lawyer working for you, it will make sure you don't end up getting in more trouble than you should.